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Massachusetts Urban & Community Forestry Information

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USDA U&CF score
State assistance status
Management plan status
Advocacy group status
Local ordinance status
Professional staff status
Tree inventory status
Tree City USA status
OpenSpace plan status
Population density
% below poverty level
Forestry budget per capita
UFORE status
STRATUM status
% Canopy density
% Impervious surface
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Urban & Community Forestry Management Scores
MA Sustainable Community Score:   out of 6 USDA Forest Service U&CF Score:   out of 4

Community Performance Demographics
  Received State Assistance:   Grants   Population:  
  Documented Management Plan:   Details   Population Density:  /sq. mi.
  Advocacy/Advisory Group:       Percent in Poverty, 2000:  %
  Local Ordinance/Regulation:   Details   Per Capita Tree Budget: $ 
  Professional Staffing:      
  Tree Inventory/Assessment:   Details Urban & Community Forest Data Analysis
  Tree City USA® Accredited:       UFORE:   Details
  Updated Open Space Plan:   Details   STRATUM:   Details
Tree Warden Contact Information Physical Characteristics
        % Canopy Density:  %
  Phone:     % Impervious Surfaces:  %
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Tree Warden Qualifications:  
Other Staff Qualifications:  
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