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MassDEP - Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup

Phase 1 Site Assessment Map: 500 feet & 0.5 Mile Radii

Site Information:
NAD83 UTM Meters:

The information shown is the best available at the date of printing. However, it may be incomplete. The responsible party and LSP are ultimately responsible for ascertaining the true conditions surrounding the site. Metadata for data layers shown on this map can be found at:

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Phase 1 Site Assessment Map



    1.) Enter Site Information, to be displayed in the map header. Then click "Go to Map" button.

    2.) Use the tools to navigate the aerial map and located the site with the  tool to generate the MCP map.

    3.) Click the "Print" button to submit the map to your printer.

      (Step 1.)  Enter Site Information ( Town is required* ), then click "Go to Map" button below:

Site Name:     

Site Address:      *Town:  

Release Tracking Number (RTN):     Waste Site / Reportable Release Look Up

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Phase 1 Site Assessment Map


The purpose of this tool is to allow a Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) or a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) to generate a Phase 1 Site Assessment Map that is suitable for printing on a standard letter ( 7.5” x 11” ) sized portrait page.

Site Information

The name, address, town and RTN information provided will be displayed at the top of the map. Address and or town information is also used to zoom the map to the general area of the site. Once the map opens at this initial extent you can use the Map Tools outlined below to navigate the map, locate a site and generate an MCP NRS Map.

Map Tools

Note:  A red outline surrounding the tool icon     indicates that the tool is active. Only one tool can be active at a time.

Zoom In Select the Zoom In tool to zoom the map in to a larger scale. You may either click on a single point on the map to zoom in one zoom level or zoom to a general area by clicking and dragging the cursor to create a selection box around your area of interest. Since the map uses preset zoom levels the resulting extent will be the closest preset zoom level to your chosen area. The Zoom In tool automatically recenters the map display on the selected point or the center of the selection box.
Zoom Out Click the Zoom Out tool to zoom the map out one zoom level.
Pan map Select the Pan Map tool, then click and drag the map to move around (pan) on the map in any direction.
Full Extent Click the Full Extent tool to zoom the map out to the maximum extent. This will return the map display to the full extent of the State of Massachusetts.
Create MCP Map Use the Create MCP Map tool to locate a site and create an MCP NRS Map with 500 ft and .5 mile buffers around the site. Once a site is located the MCP Layers are loaded and the map is locked down for printing. If you wish to change the location of your site you will need to create a new map.

Printing and Saving the Map

The browser's Print function can be used to print this map. You may also use the browser's Print Preview function to view the map prior to printing. This map is formatted to output on a single, standard letter ( 7.5” x 11” ) sized, portrait page. Make sure the browser's print page orientation is set for portrait. If the map prints on more than one page you may need to adjust other page setup options, such as reducing margins or turning off headers and footers.

To save the map to a file, you will need to use a software application that can convert an HTML document to a Portable Document Format (.PDF) or to an image format such as JPG, GIF, TIF or PNG.  A screen capture application may also be used to save a screen shot of the MCP NRS Map on your computer monitor as an image file.

There are a variety of free, open source and proprietary software applications that may be used to save the MCP NRS Map into a format, suitable for electronic file transfer and storage on your computer.  These applications can be installed as a virtual print device, accessible through the browser's Print function.

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Phase 1 Site Assessment Map
The links below provide detailed documentation on the data layers displayed on the map.

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Phase 1 Site Assessment Map

If you require further assistance using this tool, please email questions to the MassDEP

Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup