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Heritage Landscape Atlas

A product of the Heritage Landscape Inventory Program
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Click on a town to view town-wide Heritage Landscape information, or choose a town from the dropdown list to the right.  
Zoom in to see the individual Priority Landscapes. Click on a Priority Landscape to see detailed information.

Click on a town...  
Population (2000):   individuals
Pop. density (2000):   individuals per sq. mi.
% of town that is permanently protected open space:  % Year surveyed:  
CPA enacted?:   Agriculture Commission?:  
Demolition Delay?:   Right-to-farm?:  
Total # of Heritage Landscapes identified in this town:   (of these,   are Priority Landscapes)
Only Priority Landscapes are shown on the map.
Agricultural landscapes:   (  priority) Ethnographic landscapes:   (  priority) Recreation/Open Space:   (  priority)
Archaeological landscapes:   (  priority) Industrial landscapes:   (  priority) Residential landscapes:   (  priority)
Burial landscapes:   (  priority) Institutional landscapes:   (  priority) Transportation:   (  priority)
Civic landscapes:   (  priority) Military landscapes:   (  priority) Other landscapes:   (  priority)
Commercial landscapes:   (  priority) Natural landscapes:   (  priority)  
Your partners in protecting landscapes in :
Town: Partner: Regional Planning Agency:
 , MA  ,    , MA
  2nd Partner: 2nd Regional Planning Agency:
NOTE: this town has two Partners    
and/or two RPAs.  ,    , MA
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How to use the map:

Click on a town (or choose a town from the dropdown box at the upper right) and information about the town's historic landscapes will appear in the box below the map, including a link to the town's reconnaissance report.

You can click on a priority landscape and a pop-up bubble will appear showing you information about that landscape. You must be zoomed in to a town-level scale for this function to work.

Zoom in and out by using the control on the left side of the map window. Either click on the plus at the top to zoom in or the minus at the bottom to zoom out, or click higher or lower on the vertical control (higher is more zoomed in, lower is more zoomed out). It is also possible to zoom in by holding down the shift key and dragging a box on the map with the mouse, then releasing the mouse button.

Pan the map from side to side by clicking and holding down the mouse button and dragging the map, or use the 4 North-South-East-West arrows in the upper left of the map window.

Different data will be shown on the map depending on how zoomed-in you are. At a statewide zoom level, you will only see towns. As you zoom in further, town names will appear, then individual HLI Landscapes. When zoomed in very close you will see USGS Topographic Quad imagery (*not available yet*), then aerial photography imagery. The optional map layers will also appear only at certain zoom levels. You can turn some layers on and off using the checkboxes to the right of the map.

This web map is not optimized for printing. The best way to print the map is to use your browser's print function: choose Print from the File menu. The results won't be high-resolution but will resemble what you see on screen.

Color towns by:
Towns symbolized by HLI participation status:
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HLI Landscapes:

Optional map layers:
Water Features
NHESP Priority Habitat
Scenic Landscape Inventory
MHC State Register Town Status
Protected Open Space
Note: some layers will not
appear at certain zoom levels.

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