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Please read the following before viewing the 2017 Priority and Estimated Habitat layers created by NHESP

Priority and Estimated Habitats have been delineated by the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. These layers are used for screening Projects and Activities that may impact state-listed rare species and their habitats. Priority and Estimated Habitat maps have been delineated based on the Best Scientific Evidence Available and according to the regulations of the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (321 CMR 10.12) using documented records of rare species and various spatial layers including the 2013-2014 aerial photographs provided by MassGIS. Based on the scale at which Priority Habitats and Estimated Habitats were digitized, the boundaries are valid at a scale of 1:25,000 or smaller (for example, a scale of 1:35,000). The 2017 Priority Habitat and Estimated Habitat layers were delineated on the 2013-2014 MassGIS aerial photography, but Google maps are being used for the display of these maps for increased functionality. Therefore, the base map may be more recent than the delineated Priority Habitat and Estimated Habitat layers. Please contact NHESP if you have questions. If, after consulting these maps, it is unclear if a proposed project site falls within Priority and/or Estimated Habitat, please contact the NHESP at 508-389-6380. I have read the Terms of Use and want to proceed to the online maps